Bracing And Durable Medical Equipment

Orthopedic Bracing And Durable Medical Equipment in Delray Beach, FL

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At Delray Orthopaedic Center, Dr. Zavoyski has selected a wide variety of different bracing options for various orthopedic conditions. Dr. Zavoyski has individually selected each brace for what he feels is the best for each condition.

After being evaluated by Dr. Zavoyski, he may feel that the patient would benefit with a medical brace or boot.

Some insurance plans will allow Dr. Zavoyski to provide the brace directly from the office. Sometimes there are charges associated with these braces depending on the type of insurance and if the patient has met their deductible.

Other insurances will not allow braces to be provided by the physician and if Dr. Zavoyski feels that the patient should have a brace he will then write a prescription where the patient will have to obtain the brace from an outside facility.

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