Total Hip And Knee Replacements

Total Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery in Delray Beach, FL

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Dr. Zavoyski is a board certified fellowship trained subspecialist in total hip and total knee replacement procedures. This means that he has had the highest level of training in these types of surgeries. Many orthopaedic surgeons do perform these surgeries but most do NOT have fellowship training in hip and knee replacements.

This is important not only to ensure that the initial procedure is performed appropriately, but also to be able to treat any possible complications. Unfortunately, there are many orthopaedic surgeons who will perform a total hip or knee replacement and when a complication occurs they simply tell the patient that “I do not do revisions” or “I cannot help you with this.” This happens all too often and can be avoided if you seek out care from a fellowship trained Adult Reconstruction or total hip and total knee subspecialist.

Dr. Zavoyski is able to perform nearly any type of total hip and total knee surgery including the anterior hip approach, partial knee replacements, revision total knee and hip procedures, complicated primary or initial procedures, robotic and computer assisted replacements and minimally invasive surgery. If you are considering a total hip or knee procedure come and see Dr. Zavoyski for an evaluation.

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