Revision Or Redo Hip And Knee Replacements

Revision (Re-Do) Hip and Total Knee Replacement in Delray Beach, FL

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Dr. Zavoyski has specialized training in performing revision or redo total hip and total knee replacements. As a fellowship trained board certified orthopaedic surgeon in adult reconstruction (total hip and knee replacement procedures), he is able to treat a wide variety of conditions involving both failed hip and knee replacements. Dr. Zavoyski will be able to properly evaluate the joint replacement and usually will be able to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Common causes for needing a revision surgery include, loosening of the prosthesis from the bone, repetitive dislocations, infection, fracture, wear of the prosthesis, patients with a painful metal on metal hip prosthesis, instability of the knee, realignment of the metal components for improved positioning and tracking, impingement or pinching of tissue by the prosthesis, osteolysis or loss of bone, heterotopic ossification or extra bone formation, and implant recalls with pain.

It is very important to have a physician who is specialized in the treatment of these conditions to ensure that they are treated properly from the beginning. That is why it is strongly encouraged to have your total hip or knee replaced by a surgeon who has the additional training and is able to treat each of the above conditions.

If you unfortunately already have a failed hip or knee replacement Dr. Zavoyski will be able to evaluate your hip or knee and recommend the most appropriate treatment which may possibly include revision surgery. These procedures can be very complex and carry a high degree of risk. Make sure you are choosing the right doctor!

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