Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Clinic in Delray Beach, FL

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Dr. Zavoyski has been treating injured workers for many years. Injured workers need specialized care to ensure that they are able to return to their work as soon as possible. The care of patients in workers compensation is the same as patients who have injuries at home or other places but often times testing and other treatments can be obtained faster. Dr. Zavoyski will work with the patient to treat the injury as best as possible utilizing both surgical and nonsurgical treatments as indicated.

Delray Orthopaedic Center is proud to offer same day appointments and select Saturday appointments to better serve injured workers. We also offer same day reports for the best possible communication between the employer, patient, and case manager.

We are also willing to accept second opinions if the patient feels that they would prefer to be treated by a different physician. Dr. Zavoyski will provide what is the most appropriate work restrictions or accommodations that may be required after an injury which may include no restrictions.

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